525W of canopy-piercing power. A durable water-resistant design, onboard Wi-Fi, innovative active cooling, and a highly efficient integrated power supply make the Sprout SL1™ the whole package.

Wireless Control

iOS and Android apps give you smart device control right out of the box. The SL1 will retain your spectrum and program information with or without power.

Wi-Fi Switch

Switch off the Wi-Fi but keep your light schedule – the SL1 has an on-fixture toggle to shut off Wi-Fi connectivity.

Cloud & Direct Connect

Adjust your lighting from anywhere with our free cloud service and an Internet connection, or connect directly while onsite, no Internet required.

Optics & Spread

The custom-designed optics on the SL1 deliver a spread of 48 in. x 48 in. at a height of 48 in. and distribute PAR smoothly with no hotspots.

Keeping Cool

The SL1 sports a custom-designed cast aluminum heatsink which allows it to output more light while staying cool. Integrated mounting points let you hang your lights with ease.



Incorporating only the highest quality top bin LEDs from leading manufacturers ensures the truest color and most consistent fixture-to-fixture consistency.

SL1v Colors

  • Far Red
  • Deep Red
  • Red
  • Violet
  • Deep Blue
  • Cool White

SL1w Colors

  • Far Red
  • Deep Red
  • Violet
  • Cool White

Targeted Spectrum

The SL1 has 6 independent color control channels. Adjust the spectrum to alternate between growth stages. Save your spectrum to keep you a step ahead of the competition.



About Us

Sprout is a US-based manufacturer of purpose-built high power, high efficiency lighting for indoor growing applications. With success in other lighting industries and locations in Iowa and Pennsylvania, Sprout is aiming to redefine the horticulture lighting industry with their in-house design and manufacturing capabilities.